In vivo probing of nascent RNA structures reveals principles of cotranscriptional folding

GEO Dataset GSE95567 [SPET-seq]

Intragenic DNA methylation prevents spurious transcription initiation

GEO Dataset GSE72850 [Bisulfite-seq]
GEO Dataset GSE72851 [Ribosome profiling]
GEO Dataset GSE72852 [CAPIP-seq]
GEO Dataset GSE72853 [ChIP-seq]
GEO Dataset GSE72854 [DECAP-seq]
GEO Dataset GSE72855 [RNA-seq]

High-throughput single-base resolution mapping of RNA 2'-O-methylated residues

GEO Dataset GSE73065 [2OMe-seq]

Single base resolution analysis of 5-formyl and 5-carboxyl cytosine reveals promoters DNA methylation dynamics

GEO Dataset GSE55657 [ChIP-seq]
GEO Dataset GSE55658 [MAB-seq]
GEO Dataset GSE55659 [RRBS]

Snai1 promotes ESC exit from the pluripotency by direct repression of self-renewal genes

GEO Dataset GSE57854 [Expression Array]
Additional data

TET1 is a tumour suppressor that inhibits colon cancer growth by derepressing inhibitors of the WNT pathway

GEO Dataset GSE53172 [RNA-seq]

Genome-wide profiling of mouse RNA secondary structures reveals key features of the mammalian transcriptome

GEO Dataset GSE54106 [CIRS-seq / RNA-seq]
Additional datasets & tools

High-throughput single nucleotide variants discovery in E14 mouse embryonic stem cells provides a new reference genome assembly

GEO Dataset GSE53149 [DNA-Seq / RRBS]
(E14 SNVs VCF file   +    Assembled E14 genome Fasta file)

Myc and Max Genome-Wide Binding Sites Analysis Links the Myc Regulatory Network with the Polycomb and the Core Pluripotency Networks in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

GEO Dataset GSE48175 [ChIP-seq]

Dnmt3L-dependent regulation of DNA methylation promotes stem cells differentiation toward primitive germinal cells

GEO Dataset GSE44642 [MeDIP-seq]
GEO Dataset GSE44643 [Expression Array]
GEO Dataset GSE49178 [ChIP-seq]

Genome-wide analysis identifies a functional association of Tet1 and Polycomb PRC2 in mouse embryonic stem cells but not in differentiated tissues

GEO Dataset GSE44566 [GLIB-Seq & RNA-Seq]

MREdictor: a two-step dynamic interaction model that accounts for mRNA accessibility and Pumilio binding accurately predicts microRNA targets

Supplementary Table S5 [Expression Array]